Okapi Guitars: Choko Choko



D’Musi 4:54
Frogmouth 4:40
Cut Snake 3:19   LISTEN
Sundown Special 6:18
Salani 3:32
Much Much (Better) 4:44
Fast Driver 3:41
String Up the Tokoloshe 3:37
Dry Land 4:35   LISTEN

“Okapi’s infectious take on this wonderful blend of African-Pop and related influences is a joy. It should be noted also that the sound here is impeccable, especially considering the total self-production aspect and the fact that most songs have a lot of elements going on throughout. Outstanding and highly recommended!”
Bryan Baker, GAJOOB

” ‘Salani’ is a happy and fun arrangement in the tradition of South African rock. There are rough spots, but that doesn’t matter because the song is fun and you get the impression everyone had a good time playing this piece. I’ll bet these folks are a blast live.
Download if you like Graceland or are looking for a energetic boost.”
Review by Bruce Satinover (www.AMP3reviews.com)

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