Okapi Guitars: Señor Goat

goatcover goatlabel

Bad Wawatu 5:35
One on One 4:38
Desperate Sea 5:46
Zanzibar 5:56
Hiari Yako 6:52
Jaliman 4:24
Blauer Stern 5:52
El Sof  5:50

“The follow-up to last year’s Choko Choko is more African-influenced guitar pop played with solid chops, infectious melodies and full-bodied production. Okapi Guitars should be finding themselves on many a fan’s top lists in very short order.”
Bryan Baker, Homemade Music

earbuzz: “..this is entirely original sounding music to most of the western world, performed sincerely and precisely by Huber and Laidler – Okapi Guitars.”

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