Okapi Guitar Band: Plenty

hutu015 hutu015-label

Age of Plenty 7:49
Man in the Fluoro Vest 5:37 YouTube
Cut and Run 7:13
Boudot, Prince of Work 3:53
You’re Dreaming 11:07
Ghosts (Timor Leste) 4:44
Mambo Desempleado 6:52
Due to Depart 4:28
Dub of Plenty (headphone mix) 6:25
Holding On 5:40 Listen
Something Going On 5:27

A new studio album of West African grooves (afrobeat, highlife), twisted mambos, and ngoni dub. Grooving and shimmering guitar riffs and polyrhythmic percussion, flavoured with pedal steel, strumstick and trumpet.

The opening song asks: “In an age of plenty, a world of surplus, what motivates us?” Other songs travel in time and space, to Timor Leste in 2002, Iraq in 2005, Barcelona in 1936, and Niger in 1943.

Showcasing the drum and percussion playing of Chris Bright, who joined the band in 2007.

Not to be missed. This is a great album for world music or fusion fans.” ~ Matthew Forss, Inside World Music

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