Okapi Guitars: Haram Homebrew

hutu013   hutu013-label

Repent 5:36
Ohio (N.Young) 4:41
Tourist 6:23
English scar 6:25 LISTEN
From little things (P.Kelly/K.Carmody) 8:29
Theme from The Hornet of Osama 9:28
Monoculture 5:25
Three nations 4:51
Witness (Testimony 2007) 7:25
Saudi cadillac 6:33
Sleep 5:50

On their latest release these Australian afro-guitar enthusiasts seem to be drifting northwards. They’ve taken the trans-Saharan route, and the sun and wind have left their mark.

The first song on this album, Repent, growls with a trembling electric guitar straight out of the desert. The singer atones for his sins: his mobile phone and four wheel drive, the iPod racket and that big pay packet. The fat days are over. The time has come to face the reality of a new world order where the majority world calls the shots.

Two potent cover songs are included: Neil Young’s Ohio, pure protest, angry and urgent, here featuring twanging acoustic guitars and banjo; and the classic Paul Kelly/Kev Carmody land rights narrative From little things big things grow, transformed from a folksy waltz into thumping r’n’b meets Persian percussion. Wicked!

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