Okapi Guitars: Live@CutSnake

hutu014 hutu014-label

Nakolela Cherie (Orch Makassy) 4:31 Listen
N’Kanuwe (Bembeya Jazz) 7:10
From little things… (P.Kelly/K.Carmody) 5:44
Kambiri Kaenda (Thomas Mapfumo) 6:34
Samba (Orch Super Mazembe) 5:29
Money (Okapi Guitars) 5:38
Jeannot (Tchico) 8:22
Mombasa Special (Okapi Guitars) 5:38 Listen
Okapi Anthem (Okapi Guitars) 3:13

Taking a break from the the joys of multitrack studio tomfoolery this new CD was recorded in a single session on a Sunday afternoon in August 2008. We crowded into Cut Snake Studio with a minimal set of microphones, heaps of spill and big dollops of enthusiasm.

This record is one of our typical live sets, with a combination of classic covers and original favourites.

“This is an excellent slice of music that deserves to be on every party turntable.”
(Bradfield Dumpleton, indie-cds.com

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